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Department of Airworthiness - SAR
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SAR    DER File
Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) File
Number Title File
CBAer Brazilian Aeronautical Code
(Download from the ANAC website)
RBAC 21-05 Certification of Aeronautical Products
RBAC 183 Accreditation of persons
(Documents in Portuguese language only)
Number Title
Order 8110.4C Type Certification (See Chapter 5)
(Download from the FAA website)
Procedures Manuals (MPH / MPR)
Number Title File
Number Title Ref. Order File
F-110-09A PCP/ANAC Interaction  
F-183-08 Formulário de Credenciamento/Extensão de PC (Declaração de Qualificações)  
F-200-06G Report of Requirements Compliance Analysis 8110-3
F-200-08L Request for Designee Tasks  
F-200-14I Request for Conformity 8120-10
F-200-15J Request Test Witnessing ( PTE )  
F-200-16I Report Analysis Sheet  
F-200-18F Type Design Change Plan Analysis  
F-300-18H Statement of Conformity  
F-300-19F Conformity Inspection Record  
F-800-01G Technical Report for Tests  
F-800-03E Certification Flight Report  
F-800-05B Production Flight Report  
F-900-08G Service Difficulties Analises / Service Bulletin Approval  
F-900-14 Proposta de DA  
F-900-15 Proposed AD  
* - Form used by the Branch Staff (for knowledge only)
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