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Brazilian Airworthiness Directives
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Directive No. Effective Date Subject Action Texts
Amdt 243
10 Sep. 1981 MAGNETOS R
Amdt 253
28 Oct. 1981 MAGNETOS F
Action:  F - Terminal, R - Repetitive, B - Repetitive / Terminal
In case the aeronautical product manufacturer isn´t in the manufacturer list means ANAC has not issued Airworthiness Directive for such manufacturer. For non-Brazilian aeronautical products, see also the ADs issued by the Aeronautical Authority of the country responsible for the product type design, in accordance with the RBAC 39.5-I, that establishes:
"For the purposes of this regulation, the ANAC considers an Airworthiness Directive, or equivalent document issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the State of Design, as an Airworthiness Directive issued by the ANAC itself. If the ANAC issues an Airworthiness Directive that presents conflicts with foreign Airworthiness Directive, the requirements of the ANAC Airworthiness Directive must prevail."
  Quick access to the foreign ADs (When made available on internet by the Civil Aviation Authority of the State of Design).
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