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AD Biweekly - Report No. 2022-10
The table below lists the Airwothiness Directives issued by ANAC which effective dates lie within the selected period. The 'Reference' row does not mean the AD is only applicable to the products indicated on it. To a complete list of the applicable products, please check the AD details through the link on the number of the AD, at 'Directive No.' row.
From 16 May 2022 to 31 May 2022   
AD No. Effective Date Aplicability Subject
2022-05-04 25 May 2022 ERJ190-100; ERJ190-200 SOFTWARE UPGRADE
2022-05-03 25 May 2022 ERJ 170-100; ERJ 170-200 SOFTWARE UPGRADE
Last Modified: 16 Mar. 2023

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