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Brazilian Airworthiness Directives (AD)
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Rmk: The information is searched in the following fields: AD Number, Manufacturer and Subject.  It will be searched just as it is typed.
In case the aeronautical product manufacturer isnt in the manufacturer list means ANAC has not issued Airworthiness Directive for such manufacturer. For non-Brazilian aeronautical products, see also the ADs issued by the Aeronautical Authority of the country responsible for the product type design, in accordance with the RBAC 39.5-I, that establishes:
"For the purposes of this regulation, the ANAC considers an Airworthiness Directive, or equivalent document issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the State of Design, as an Airworthiness Directive issued by the ANAC itself. If the ANAC issues an Airworthiness Directive that presents conflicts with foreign Airworthiness Directive, the requirements of the ANAC Airworthiness Directive must prevail."
  Quick access to the foreign ADs (When made available on internet by the Civil Aviation Authority of the State of Design).
Effective Brazilian AD List
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Brazilian EMERGENCY AD's issued / revised within the last 2 weeks
Brazilian AD's issued / revised within the last 2 weeks
Brazilian AD Biweekly
Rmk: All the listings are classified per descending Efective Date and Directive Number.
Since January 2009 the Brazilian Airworthiness Directives Indexes are no longer published, due to all information be available and updated on the website pages and the listings already work as indexes.
Additionally, biweekly lists are generated, as FAA and EASA do, noticing the publication of Brazilian ADs for each considered period that are based on the AD effective date.
ANAC maintains e-mail lists to distribute Airworthiness Directives (AD), Proposed ADs (NPR/AD) and Special Airworthiness Bulletins (BEA) issued by ANAC. To request inclusion in these distribution lists you shall send an e-mail to, indicating the aeronautical product of interest.
Note: ANAC does not distribute through these lists ADs (or equivalent documents) issued by foreign authorities.
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