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The Informative Circulars (CI) were issued until the year of 2008.  From 2009 they are now denominated Supplementary Instructions (IS).
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Document Subject Issue Date File
IS-00-001B Service Difficulty Reporting System 13 Mar. 2018
IS-00-009B Ramp inspection procedures for air operators in brazilian territory 09 Jan. 2019
IS-118-001A List of Non-Essential Equipment and Furnishings 09 June 2016
IS-119-000A Process of Granting Complementary and On-Demand Operations under RBAC 135 29 Sep. 2017
IS-119-001H Certification process of airline regulated by RBAC 121. 09 June 2020
IS-119-002D Instructions to implement SGSO on certified airline in accordance with the RBAC 119. 09 Nov. 2012
IS-119-004G Certification Process of air transport organization regulated by RBAC 135 19 June 2020
IS-119-005A Aircraft ground de-icing and anti-icing program 09 Feb. 2018
IS-119-006A Aircraft interchange operations 11 May 2018
IS-120-001B Maintenance Program for Air Carriers 03 Jan. 2014
IS-120-002C General guidelines for the implementation of programs for prevention of illicit substance use in civil aviation. 22 Dec. 2017
IS-120-79A Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System 23 June 2009
IS-121-010A Operational safety documents system 06 July 2018
IS-135.21-001A Instructions for Elaboration of the General Maintenance Manual (Manual Geral de Manutenção - MGM) - Air Taxi Operating Only Aircraft with Maximum Passenger Seat Configuration Equal or Smaller than 9 (Nine) Seats 17 Aug. 2012
IS-137.201-001D Use of ethanol in agricultural aircraft. 15 Nov. 2021
IS-137-001C Orientations about dispensing equipment 23 Nov. 2018
IS-137-002C Guidelines for the installation of DGPS in agricultural aircraft. 16 Aug. 2018
IS-145.109-001C Technical Publications: Aquisition and control by repair stations 16 June 2017
IS-145.151-001E Register of Technical Responsible on Repair Station 15 June 2020
IS-145.163-001A Qualification and authorization of Aeronautical Product Non Destructive Testing. 27 Sep. 2013
IS-145.214-001B Repair Station Safety Management System 08 June 2018
IS-145-001E Certification of domestic maintenance organizations 15 June 2020
IS-145-002B Certification of Foreign Maintenance Organization (Repair Station) 14 Apr. 2016  
IS-145-003B Situations in which the Inspection Procedures Manual from Repair Stations should be evaluated and accepted 27 July 2012
IS-145-009B Repair Station Manual, Quality Control Manual and Conformity Declaration 22 Sep. 2017
IS-145-010B Repair Station Training Program 24 Jan. 2020
IS-175-012C N/A 05 Apr. 2024
IS-183-002H Natural Person Accreditation at ANAC/SAR and for Aeronautical Maintenance Mechanic examiner, and guidance for accredited person´s performance 25 Aug. 2023
IS-20-001B Classification of alterations in aircraft and simplified approval process of technical data for major alterations. 25 Aug. 2023
IS-20-003B Portable fire extinguishers 06 Oct. 2021
IS-21.17-2A Airworthiness certification of gliders and motor gliders 05 Oct. 2012
IS-21.181-001E Airworthiness Certificate Duration 01 Sep. 2020
IS-21.191-001A Amateur-Built aircraft 04 June 2012
IS-21.191-002A Historical Aircraft 23 Dec. 2011
IS-21.231-001C Design Organization Certification 29 Jan. 2024
IS-21-001B Type certification instructions. 14 Nov. 2023
IS-21-002A Issuance of Experimental Flight Authorization Certificate for Unmanned Aircraft 05 Oct. 2012
IS-21-003A Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) 23 Mar. 2022
IS-21-004G Approval of Major Modifications and Technical Data for Major Alterations in aircraft with Brazilian marks, or which may have Brazilian marks. 11 Sep. 2023
IS-21-005B Information for installation approval of aeronautical articles on aircraft, engine and propeller. 02 May 2024
IS-21-006C Production under RBAC 21 subparts F, G, K and O. 01 Sep. 2020
IS-21-007B Airworthiness certificate for light sport category aircraft. 04 Aug. 2023  
IS-21-008C Airworthiness Approval for Export 14 Oct. 2022
IS-21-010G Procedures for approval of foreign civil aeronautical products and import of any civil aeronautical product. 01 Sep. 2023  
IS-21-013B Instructions for obtaining installation approval of stand alone GNSS equipment (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) for VFR e IFR PBN operations. 08 Dec. 2016
IS-21-018A Quality System Requirements for Corporative Distributor of COP Holder 01 Feb. 2021
IS-21-019A Replacement of Fabrics, Foams and Carpet in aircraft compartment interiors. 03 Nov. 2020
IS-21-021C Data presentation for Supplemental Type Certificate. 02 Jan. 2023
IS-23-001A Performing flight tests to evaluate VHF (VHF-COMM) communication equipment installed in aircraft under RBAC / 14 CFR Part 23 28 Apr. 2017
IS-39.19-001A Alternative Means of Compliance of an Airworthiness Directive. 12 Aug. 2016
IS-39-001C Airworthiness Directives 01 Aug. 2019
IS-43.1-001A ANAC exceptional authorization for uncertified foreign maintenance organization on the terms of RBAC 43.1(e)-I. 16 Dec. 2016
IS-43.13-003C Aeronautical Product Non-Destructive Test 27 Sep. 2013
IS-43.13-004C Procedures for Repair of Aircraft Damaged in Aeronautical Accident/Incident or Ground Occurence with Substantial Structural Damage 03 Nov. 2020
IS-43.13-005A Special tools 27 Aug. 2013
IS-43.9-001B Procedures for filling out Form F-400-04 (SEGVOO 001) 03 Aug. 2020
IS-43.9-002B Use and filling of the Authorized Release Certificate (Airworthiness Approval Tag) 25 Aug. 2016
IS-43.9-003B Airframe, Engine and Propeller Log Books 20 Feb. 2020
IS-43.9-004A Electronic Maintenance Records and Documents System 08 Nov. 2019
IS-43-001A Quality, Eligibility and Identification of Replacement Aeronautical Products (Parts) 12 May 2009
IS-43-012B Preventive maintenance performed by pilots 28 Mar. 2019
IS-91.403-001B Airwhortiness Verification 08 July 2020
IS-91.409-001B Maintenance of aircraft - Time between overhaul 14 Sep. 2020
IS-91-001E PBN operations approval of Aircraft and Operators 26 May 2017
IS-91-004B Authorization Category II/III ILS operations 12 July 2016
IS-91-005C Operational approval for airspace operation in Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) 23 May 2019
IS-91-006A Procedures for North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT-HLA) operations aproval 11 May 2018
IS-91-009 Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and operations with inoperative instruments and equipment. 01 Jan. 2016
IS-E94.5-001A Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) design authorization for spraying 02 May 2023
IS-E94.503-001C Issuance of Experimental Airworthiness Certificate for Remotely Piloted Aircrafts 20 July 2022
IS-E94-001B Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Design Authorization - General Procedures 22 Oct. 2019
IS-E94-002A Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Design Authorization - Technical Requirements 03 May 2017
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