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Department of Airworthiness - SAR
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Aircraft Modification - Brazilian STC (CHST)
Applicable Informative Circulars (CI) / Supplementary Instructions (IS)
Doc No. Subject Issued Date File
 IS 137-002C Guidelines for the installation of DGPS in agricultural aircraft. 16 Aug. 2018
 IS 183-002D Natural Person Accreditation at ANAC/SAR and guidance for accredited person´s performance 12 Nov. 2019
 IS 20-003A Portable fire extinguishers 30 May 2014
 IS 21.231-001A Design Organization Certification 08 Nov. 2019
 IS 21-004C Approval of Major Modifications and Major Alterations in aircraft with Brazilian marks, or which may have Brazilian marks. 30 Dec. 2016
 IS 21-010B Procedures for approval of imported civil aeronautical products 26 Apr. 2013  
 CI 21-012F Guiding to approval of Major Modifications by the ANAC Regional Branchs or Operational Safety Superintendence 04 Apr. 2008
 IS 21-013B Instructions for obtaining installation approval of stand alone GNSS equipment (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) for VFR e IFR PBN operations. 08 Dec. 2016
 CI 21-019A Substituição de Tecidos, Espumas e Tapetes em Interiores de Aeronaves 05 May 2008
 IS 21-021A Data presentation for Supplemental Type Certificate. 06 June 2014
 IS 23-002A Aviões categoria normal, utilidade, acrobática e transporte regional, modificados para transporte de carga 06 Aug. 2010
 IS 43.9-001A Procedures for filling out Form SEGVOO 001 13 Aug. 2011
 IS 91.409-001A Maintenance of aircraft equipped with reciprocating engine - Time between overhaul 30 May 2014
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