Department of Airworthiness - SAR
Aircraft Modification - Brazilian STC (CHST)
Control of Brazilian STC Processes
CST Process Statistics
        CST and SEGVOO 001 Process Control
        CST Process Search
Applicable Informative Circulars (CI) / Supplementary Instructions (IS)
STC Processes Technical Documents (in Portuguese language only)
Changes to Aircraft - Ordinances with specific guidelines (in Portuguese language only)
Tips and example files  (all documents are in Portuguese language only)
TAWS Checklist
TAWS AFMS Model for Airplanes
Documentation Common Errors in STC Processes
Statement of Conformity (F-300-18G) ............ [ Example 1 ]   [ Example 2 ]
Major Alteration/Repair Record (F-400-04C) ... [ Example 1 ]   [ Example 2 ]
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