ANAC's Training Center

The ANAC's Training Center is located at the Brasília Airport, in the federal capital of Brazil.

It offers on-site, distance and blended courses, seminars, workshops and conferences for the employees of ANAC (internal public) and the professionals of the SAC - Civil Aviation System (external public), providing training to students from all over Brazil and also from other countries.

All the training events are continuously monitored by the Quality Management System of the ANAC's Training Center, which aims to promote the safety and excellence of the Civil Aviation System by means of continually improving the professional qualification, in order to contribute to the development of the country and the well-being of the Brazilian society, meeting the training demands of the aviation industry.


The training events are classified as:

Air Transport;
Environmental Protection;
Facilitation and Security;
Civil Aviation Management;
Aeronautical Law;
Training Management;
Regulation; and
Organizational Management.

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